"NEWS July 5, 2016-The business register are experiencing the PEC"

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016

The business register has, with effect from 1 St June, some controls in order to ensure that subscribers are provided with a certified e-mail address (PEC) valid and active.

Please note that the PEC, covered with P.r.decree 68/2005, is an electronic communications system that, while functioning as a normal e-mail, stands out for its fitness for release to the sender a receipt certifying electronic sending and delivering it to the intended recipient of electronic documents (and any attached documentation), and, thanks to the electronic signature, the origin and the integrity of the message content.

The companies registry has initiated the first phase of the activity by proceeding with the deletion of inactive, non-unique addresses PEC revoked and, that is not related to a single undertaking or referable to a professional instead of an undertaking.

The cancellation procedure is:

  • automated control in mere PEC address is valid;
  • in the Elimination of PEC address irregular position company registred master. In practice, the certified e-mail address will still exist but will delete the link between the address and location of the enterprise.

Every first day of the month will be posted the lists of firms for which it found that the PEC does not comply with the provisions.

Already on June 1 were published lists related to partnerships; on 1 St July were published, however, lists related to sole traders.

On 1 St September we will publish lists of corporations.

The company indicated in the lists will have to regularize the registration within 45 days of publication PEC address of the list using either:

  • registering a new address by certified mail, with proper practice of variation;
  • the renewal of the PEC address already held by communication, through PEC, at the address conservatore@to.legalmail.camcom.it

The course deadline, businesses will be reported to the registry so that Court orders the cancellation of PEC address.

It is recalled that, in the absence of an address PEC visura, any change sent to the location of the organisation shall be suspended until you have communicated the certified electronic mail address and still for up to three months. After that period, the change will be rejected and considered ever presented.

by Laura Mazzola