Policy quality


Our long-term aim is the personal and professional growth, realized by satisfying the Clients, the office, the partners and the collaborators.

This is the reason why quality is our basic strategy for the survival and the assurance of a future constant growth.

The Clients request us professional services: our responsibility is to give them what they expect since otherwise they will look for satisfaction somewhere else. Our aim is to perform high quality services, in accordance with the civil and fiscal deadlines, at an appropriate price.

To achieve and maintain such aim, we consider as strong points to be our base:

  • the training and the continuous update of the staff;
  • the opening of communication ways with the Client in order to inform, fidelize, reassure.

The Collaborators want to work in a safe and calm and economically satisfying environment: being able to acknowledge merits and capabilities, favouring the team work and an open communication, giving to everyone gratification for a well-done job, are our responsibilities.

The Office wants to be placed in the highest market category and to be welcomed and acknowledged in its own social environment as a serious and reliable structure: allowing the constant improvement of our working processes in order to reduce the possibilities of any irregularity, is our responsibility.

The Partners want to increase the economic value of the company caring for the profitability as well as for the money return of the carried out investments: guaranteeing that everybody’s commitments allow an appropriate return of the investment to encourage the re-investment in the company, is our responsibility.

In a background of remarkable crisis, our mid-long-term aim will be that of “shipping” a so organized reality beyond the crisis involving all the sectors, always responding to the requests by the Clients, by the Collaborators, by the Office and the Partners, sharing a constant improvement and monitoring path of the structure for its evolution, guaranteeing those safety and reliability values that have been assured until now.


For the two-year period 2015-2016 the passwords will continue to be REINFORCE the training of the employees and collaborators of the Office, favouring the maintenance and the constant increase of their professional, I.T., but also linguistic skills, and PERFECTING the selection and the acquisition of the clients, mainly paying attention to Incorporated and/or Joint stock companies that are solid and encouraging from a professional point of view, instead of small and less interesting realities.

Once achieved, every aim must be acknowledged and re-set at a greater level to encourage constant improvements and make our performances more and more efficient and effective.

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Dr.Maurizio Dal Mas