Studi Professionali Associati was born with the aim of representing an appropriate response to the now changed request needs by the market and of providing an innovative and personalized consultancy service.

Right from the beginning, the purpose was to create an active and organized structure, where every professional can work using everybody’s technical abilities and experience.

We gradually created a structure of integrated and multidisciplinary consultancy that, by sharing rigour and manners, assists the clients in the main economic and juridical fields.

This without neglecting the traditional client-professional personal trust relationship but improving it with the support of an organization that enhances the different fields of knowledge.

All our professionals have the same point of view and have assimilated the same organizational methods.

Studi Professionali Associati, Merate (LC)

Studi Professionali Associati, Merate (LC)

For this reason they can increase their experiences through a collaboration spirit and the common will to deal with each client or procedure with the same care, effectiveness, interactivity and professional ethics.

The sharing of common values, of a working style founded on the commitment to the continuous improvement and the dedication to the client complete the technical proficiency that the single resources are able to express, allowing us to face in a professional way the business problems.

The client’s trust in us is a priority to us. For this reason our approach is based on the research of maximum transparency.