"NEWS November 3, 2016-New Sabatini: reservations accepted in September"

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Euroconference News


The intervention is approved "New S" was established by Decree of doing (article 2 Dl 69/2013) and subsequently amended by Decree (article 8, paragraph 2 Investment Compact, D.L. 3/2015), which envisaged the possibility of recognizing the contributions SMEs even in the face of a financing, including financial leases, not necessarily disbursed under the funding ceiling of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP). The facility is directed to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the national territory in all productive sectors, including agriculture and fisheries, and excluding the coal industry, financial and insurance activities, production of imitation or substitute for milk and milk products – dairy products.

The Ministry of economic development has published the decreto direttoriale October 28, 2016 where can I find the reservations accepted and the amount of resources reserved for each lender according to the chronological order of submission of the request.  With this Decree, the Set defines the allocation of additional resources for the new S.  In particular, announces that for the month of September 2016, were booked assets related to contributions for additional € 4,640,803.51, for a total amount of € 28,089,628.32 booked for based on the list in annex 1, which constitutes an integral and essential part of the decree and that focuses on bank/financial intermediary, book reports received.

It is recalled that, following the depletion of available resources, the Ministry of economic development, with D.M. September 2, 2016, placed from 3 September the closing the door for submitting applications for access to the contributions of the new S.
In fact, the directorial Decree of 2 September had foreseen that if within 60 days after the date of closing the door had made available additional resources, the same could have been used exclusively to enhance and increase the amount of the reservation placed partially and only then in the order of submission of applications within the same monthly transmission to meet any other booking enquiries resulting lack of coverage.

With reference to the "New S", it should also be pointed out that the Bill provides for the extension of the 2017 stability facility until December 31, 2018, to support investments of SMEs. This is also called the refinancing measure for 560 million until 2023. In the draft law is also present a contribution increased by 30% on the purchase of new machinery, plant and equipment with the aim of making investments in technologies: big data, cloudcomputing, ultra-wideband and cybersecurity.

For these investments will also be guaranteed a reserve ad hoc. In fact, to promote the transition of the national productive system towards digital watchmakers and increase innovation and efficiency of the entrepreneurial system, including through process innovation and/or product, the Ministerial contribution partially covering interest on bank loans will be "enhanced" in the case of legal investments in Industry 4.0.

Finally, note that are eligible for the subsidy the undertakings established in Italy, micro, small and medium size, which on the date of application:

  • are regularly incorporated and listed in the commercial register or in the commercial fisheries;
  • I'm in the full and free exercise of their rights, are not in voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy procedures;
  • not among the subjects who received and subsequently not refunded or deposited in an escrow account identified as illegal or incompatible aid from the European Commission;
  • they are not under such conditions as to be a firm in difficulty as well as identified in the EU regulation. 651/2014.