"NEWS September 20, 2016-S-ter closed the time limits for the submission of applications"

Posted by on Sep 20, 2016

With the circular of March 23, 2016 n. 26673, MISE had provided numerous clarifications on the Sabatini ter, by defining the terms and procedures for the submission of applications for the granting and payment of the fee referred to in d. M.  January 25, 2016, laying down the rules of the new edition of credit support, which came into force on March 10, 2016.  The benefit was introduced with D.L. 69/2013 (Decree of doing) in order to increase the competitiveness of the country's productive system ensuring an easier access to credit by micro-enterprises and SMEs. Remember that, until identified with the circular referred to above, the procedures for submitting applications for subsidies and the proceedings for the grant of benefits continued to be governed by Ministerial Decree November 27, 2013 operational provisions contained in circular No. 4567 of February 10, 2014, as amended by circular No. the December 24, 2014 71299, n. 14166 of February 23, 2015 and n. 45998 of June 26, 2015.

The facility is directed to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the national territory in all productive sectors, including agriculture and fisheries, and excluding the coal industry, financial and insurance activities, production of imitation or substitute for milk and milk products – dairy products.

In order to receive benefits, companies must have an Office in Italy.  Can apply businesses that at the time of submission:

  • are regularly incorporated and listed in the commercial register;
  • I'm in the full and free exercise of their rights, are not in voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy procedures;
  • not among the subjects who received and subsequently not refunded or deposited in an escrow account identified as illegal or incompatible aid from the European Commission;
  • they are not under such conditions as to be a firm in difficulty as well as identified in the EU regulation. 651/2014.

The facilities provided are:

  • a bank loan interest rate worth between 20 thousand and $ 2 million for investments, including through financial leasing, machinery, plant, equipment and new facilities to productive use, as well as in hardware, software and digital technologies (expenses that can be classified as assets in the balance sheet headings b. II. 2, b. II. 3 and b. II. 2424 article 4 of the Civil Code);
  • a contribution equal to the amount of interest calculated on a formal repayment plan with six-monthly instalments at the rate of 2.75% per annum for five years;
  • a cover on bank financing, through the guarantee fund for SMEs, up to 80% of its amount.

Be subsidized investments are related to:

  • the purchase of a photovoltaic system, provided that it falls within the definition of "works", then machinery, other than those fixtures, and other equipment;
  • the purchase of furniture and equipment, provided that the goods to productive use, related to the activity carried out by the company and located at the local unit of the company that has made the investment.

The initial deadline for submission, stared at the circular by SMEs, applications for request of subsidy from May 2, 2016, using only the modules made available on the website of the Ministry of economic development.

Unfortunately, as a result of the exhaustion of available financial resources, since last September 3, 2016, it is no longer possible to submit applications for access to contributions. He announced the SET by Decree of September 2, 2016. Booking requests of assistance received in closing the door and not met, acquire priority booking than the eventual reopening. Therefore, from that date the applications submitted by the companies are considered inadmissible.

If, within 60 days after the date of closing the door becomes available more resources

  • the reduction of the amount of financing approved by banks or financial intermediaries compared to the amount of resources reserve in the challenge of availability,
  • or from possible waivers to the contribution on the part of the recipient undertakings,

they may only be used to increase the amount of the reservation placed partially and, subsequently, in the order of submission of applications within the same monthly transmission, to meet any other booking enquiries resulting lack of coverage.

by Jeanne Greco