"CIRC. # 49/2016-assessment inventory balance sheet at 30.6 "

Posted by on Jun 23, 2016

With the approaching deadlines as well as civil and tax by year end, it is necessary to provide for the valuation of inventories for goods, raw materials, work in progress, work and services in progress and finished products existing at the 6/30/2016 at the warehouse of the company, or from third parties (on consignment, manufacturing account, account setup, etc.).

We invite you, therefore, all those who carry out entrepreneurial activities to prepare analytic inventory of warehouse with reference to the situation obtaining 6/30/2016 which shall be indicated the stock according to the following criteria:

goods Distinct analytical of all goods grouped according to homogeneous categories (for nature and value), with an indication of the evaluative criterion adopted.
raw Analytical distinct of all raw materials, grouped according to homogeneous categories, indicating the evaluative criterion adopted.
work in progress Distinct analytical work in progress with an indication of production costs incurred up to 6/30/2016.
works and services in progress Bill of all analytical work and custom services being performed at 6/30/2016 with details of the evaluative criterion adopted (production cost or agreed consideration), and the cost accrued until the date/amount reasonably supported industrial.

N.B. It is recalled that, in the case of contracts of duration ultrannuale, you must also prepare a brochure of calculation criteria adopted for the next tax return.

finished products

Distinct analytical of all finished products with an indication of production costs incurred in obtaining the products themselves.

For those whose accounting is handled by our Office, please, so that we can prepare in the best way the tax, let us have a copy of the details of the closing balance by 6/30/2016.

For those who manage its own internal bookkeeping note that writing the book inventory must be drawn up within three months after the deadline for submission of the tax return.

Given the importance civil and tax compliance, it calls on the clientele to draw up the inventory with the utmost care and precision.

The study is available for further clarification.

Dr. Maurizio Dal Mas