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Are you looking for an Accountant? Rely on expert hands, choose STUDIPA! The Accountant is an expert about the entire difficult fiscal, tax and juridical subject of the patrimonial management. This person practices the freelance activity regulated by the D.P.R. no.1067 of 27/10/1953. The Accountant carries out very diversified activities, that can be summarized like so:

  • He/she supports the companies that are clients in the start up or re-organizational stages: by finding the most appropriate organizational, fiscal and legal solutions and by executing the necessary administrative fulfillments(registration of the new enterprises in the public registers, such as for example Vat Offices, Chamber of Commerce, Inps, etc.).
  • He/she keeps the accounts of the client: in the cases in which this activity is empowered to the accountant’s office. He/She takes care of the keeping and updating of the account books, manages the relationship with the Income Revenue Authority (for example in case of small differences of data). The keeping of the accounts is oriented to the filling of the individual income tax return and to the drafting of the business balance sheet; both the activities require to face beforehand the fiscal problems linked to the client’s activity.
  • He/she performances consultancies to the companies in the fiscal-tax field: he/she informs the client about the normative modifications and advices fiscal strategies; he/she supervisions the balance sheet approval and the situations during the year; he follows the drafting of the individual income tax return.
  • He/she fills in the individual income tax returns for natural people: he/she analyzes the family situations and finds appropriate tax planning oriented to decrease the fiscal withdrawal and safeguard the client’s assets.
  • He/she inspects and expresses judgments about the balance sheets of enterprises and public or private authorities: he/she carries out an activity similar to that performed by the Legal Auditor.
  • He/she carries out the settlement of companies, assets, single goods: for example for companies subject to bankruptcy. In this cases he/she acts in his/her capacity of trustee in bankruptcy.
  • He/she represents companies and corporations before the tax jurisdiction authorities:(provincial and regional tax commissions), that face the disagreements concerning any kind of tax.
  • He/she carries out business assessment:in the cases the purchase, the transfer, the division of an economic activity is discussed.


The Accountant is, moreover, with the notary, one of the first reference roles that young people who want to work as free-lancers address to, in order to give a fiscally and juridically correct arrangement of the own new activity. In this case, very often, the Accountant also acts as consultant for the wannabe new business man about the chances of success of the new micro enterprise. For further details please see the services offered by Studi Professionali Associati.



The competences of an accountant are numerous and complex. He/she must have an updated knowledge of all the fiscal, economic-juridical and administrative subject. He/she must moreover know the new EU directives about balance sheets and the tax, fiscal and juridical rules of the European Union, as, according to such directives, the accounts audit and other specific activities of his concern, lead him/her to many Courts as Technical Consultant. Finally, the knowledge of the English language, as well as the ability of using I.T.programs, concerning tax and fiscal accountancy result to be very useful for this role, given the tendency of a better uniformity of the accounting procedures at an European and international level.

This is the reason why finding a good accountant is not that simple, we from STUDIPA are experts and we aim to the quality of the service guaranteeing the maximum of professionalism to every client.

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